The flight from Savannah to Atlanta lasted maybe an hour though I feel like it was a little under. I’m definitely not complaining, the drive would’ve been 3-4 hours of concrete boredom with renting a car costing around the same price.

I was sad to say goodbye to Savannah but was also looking forward to seeing how a big city in the same state would differ.

It took me almost half an hour to get out of Atlanta’s huge airport. With almost 4 hours to kill until I could check in to my accommodation, I decided to take a taxi to the zoo. Zoo Atlanta is located in Grant Park which wasn’t too far from where I was staying. 

It was another hot and humid day in Georgia and carrying around a backpack filled with clothes was making life a lot harder but the zoo provided a welcome distraction.

Zoo Atlanta works hard to help conserve a great number of endangered species (including pandas), and aims to educate people about conservation and the dire situation into which a lot of these animals have been forced through human involvement; whether it be through trafficking, the pet trade, poaching…etc.

After walking around the zoo for around 3 hours, and having skipped breakfast, I was starving. I found a pizza restaurant and bar called Grant Central Pizza where I demolished a 12″ pizza in so little time it actually warranted the admiration of the bar staff. (I ate it so fast, I didn’t even take a photo).

“Where else are you going on your trip?” Jess, the bartender asked. 

I mentioned that I was going to Nashville.

“I have family up that way! I have a great great great grandfather who was a famous bear hunter. Now that part of my family lives up in the mountains… They’re what we call rednecks. In fact, once we had a family reunion and my cousins from up there tried hitting on my siblings.”

“Your family tree: the stump,” a waiter, Ryan, said, “A few twigs on there but even they’re growing into each other.” He picked up a glass of water, the bar phone, then ordered Chinese food.


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